Friday, June 18, 2010

Well, really all sea-faring beings will be welcome



Monday, June 14, 2010

Clash of the Vikings!

Calling all Vikings!

ATTN: New Yorkers and Warriors and Allies from throughout the Tri-State Regions,

Donald and Pauljames wish to request your assistance in a battle for conquest and honor!

For our birthday this year we're Droppin anchor and performing Viking Beer Raids on pier 66! Join us for Food, Full Bar, and a full fledged "Vik-i-fied -Dance-a-rama"!

Time of Raid

Our Raid will be conducted in the shadow of the summer solstice, beginning at 7:00 pm on Tuesday June 22nd, Two Thousand and Ten. The Raids are expected to ensue until 11:00pm that evening so we can all return to our farms and families for work on wednesday mornin'.

Raid Location

The Raid will be staged within the belly and atop the decks of the lightship "Frying Pan", our mighty Iron Maiden Ahhrrr! ( If you've never been here before - you're in for a real treaT! ).

The ship is located on Pier 66a @ West 26th Street in the Hudson River Park,
three blocks north of Chelsea Piers. It will remain stationary throughout the duration of the raid. Plenty of Treasure, Rations, Women and other Booty will be available for plunder from the bountiful pier 66, but the party's on the boat and the music's gonna be mAarrvelouse!

10 gold coins

10 dollar cover to board the party ship - food and drinks available for purchase at the bar on the pier - (or by raid). Credit card tabs acccepted and there is an atm.

Viking Attire is Required

Please respect the code: Adorn yourselves with Leathers, Furs, Horns, Armor, Tunics and Tall Boots. By all means, show a little skin. Wear your hair in braids. Be creative, and don't spend alot.

Dogs and Minors will be admitted to the Raid with Parent

No Gifts

We ask that you do not bring gifts - your attendance in costume is all that is required for everyone's full enjoyment! please divert your funds and creativity accordingly.